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Postcard from Shkodra

As we reported during the summer excavation campaign in Albania, as part of the IDUB program implemented by the Center at the University of Warsaw, a casting was made of an inscription of great importance to the history of Shkodra, located on the inside of a Venetian-era cistern. After overcoming many technical problems, we finally finalized our intentions and the inscription went to the archaeological museum in Shkodra. The work was all the more difficult because our goal was to restore in the museum the original position of the inscription on the pillar supporting the cistern’s vault. Thanks to cooperation with archaeologists and Albanian conservators, we achieved a realistic and faithful result. The unique Latin inscription, which shows that Shkodra obtained the status of a Roman colony during a certain period of its history, has seen the light of day after a couple of hundred years of being hidden under the waters of the cistern !!!