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Summer ’22 with the Centre II

Tempus fugit... the Romans were right. It seems that we have only just started the excavations at Risan, and it is already over. In this year's intensive and difficult campaign, ...

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Summer ’22 with the Centre I

As usual on excavations, time passes very quickly. We have passed the halfway point of the excavations at Bushati, a site near Shkodra, so it is high time for some ...

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Back to the Balkan

Finally, after a hiatus of almost two years due to a pandemic, the Center's team can move into the field for full-scale excavations. The first stop - as early as ...

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Radio Gaga OBA

We invite you to listen to the Interluda programme on TOK FM radio with the participation of Professor Dyczek. At the same time, we would like to inform you that ...

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