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Summer ’23 with the Centre I

After overcoming financial and organizational problems - o tempora, o mores ! - we can finally announce our summer scientific plans. An expedition to Albania will start on May 10. ...

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Next week the Center is honored to host our partners from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Italy

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The Director of the Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Centre University of Warsaw Competition for an adjunct professor with doctoral degree     Number of positions open: one Planned employment ...

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Postcard from Shkodra

As we reported during the summer excavation campaign in Albania, as part of the IDUB program implemented by the Center at the University of Warsaw, a casting was made of ...

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Novae in the spotlight

In previous posts we reported that the results of this year's Novae campaign exceeded our expectations. They also aroused keen interest in the Polish as well as the world press, ...

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