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Novae. Legionary camp and late antique city – continuing research. Barracks of the 1st cohort of Legio VIII Augusta and Legio I Italica.
Project supported by NCN, no. 2018/31/B/HS3/02593

Rhizon/Risinium: the capital of King Ballaeus and Queen Teuta – continuation of prospecting and archaeological research.
Project supported by NCN, no. 2015/19/B/HS3/02056

Continuation of Albanian-Polish archaeological research in the Illyrian capital of Shkodra and its ancient economic hinterland.
Project supported by NCN, no. 2014/14/M/HS3/00741

The Danube Underwater Heritage: Trade and Shipwrecks at the Lower Danube and the Danube Delta
In cooperation with The Eco-Museum Research Institute “Gavril Simion” in Tulča
Project supported by NCN, no. 2018/02/X/HS3/01745

Danube Limes UNESCO World Heritage (2009-2012)
Project co-financed by the Central Europe EU programme.

TEMPUS IV Project: Network for Post Graduate Masters in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management in Balkan Countries
(CHTMBAL)517471 -TEMPUS-1-2011-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPCR (2011 – 2717 / 001 – 001)

Hellenistic buildings of Tanais – fortifications and adjacent urban area. Continuation of research.
Project supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education