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Our plans!!!

At last, renovations at the Center are over and we can already work normally from the new semester – and there is a lot of work. This is because the summer excavation campaigns in Albania, Montenegro and Bulgaria are fast approaching.

The new staff is slowly taking over the heaviest field and partly substantive duties at the excavations. Of course, the entire summer campaigns are invariably “hovered over” by the Center’s Director, nevertheless the enormous amount of work and new discoveries and publications being prepared is causing the team’s responsibilities to increase.
Bartosz Wojciechowski will be responsible for the excavations in Albania, which will begin in May.
For the excavations in Montenegro – Janusz Reclaw.
For the excavations and matters related to the new documentation together Krzysztof Narloch and Adam Jarych.
As every year, specialists, including foreign specialists, will also participate in the excavations, developing excavation materials.

It has also become necessary to make trips to our archaeological bases to prepare them for summer campaigns. Accordingly, Janusz Reclaw will travel to Montenegro, and Piotr Dyczek to Bulgaria. In addition, study trips to the USA and Spain are planned.

It is also extremely pleasant to report that Krzysztof Narloch has been invited to one of the Italian universities as a visiting professor.

This year, members of the Center’s team will also participate in international congresses: Provincial Roman Art in Belgrade, the Limes Congress of Georgia in Batumi, and the Danube Limes Congress in Vidin, Bulgaria.

According to the information provided, the entire team will be very busy basically from March to the end of September, including from May on excavations.
In connection with the excavations, information on student internships will soon appear on our website and in the Department of Archaeology.

This year should see a “rash” of the Center’s publications. Two volumes of the journal Novensia are nearing completion, a study of the Lower Danube limes prepared for the limes congress will soon be published, and we are finishing work on three more monographs: lamps from Novae, inscriptions from Risan, and the results of research in Nemrik. We are also beginning work on a volume presenting the results of research on a new section (XII) in Novae that is the wood and earth barracks of Augustus’ Eighth Legion and the legionary buildings of the Italian First Legion.
The year, therefore, promises to be very busy – in fact, as usual!